Undercarriage Suspension maintenance and repair is the most easy and yet the most difficult to do. Easy if the parts showed obvious wear and tear. It will be the most straightforward diagnosis even for the novice. Most difficult when the parts looked in perfect condition or totally concealed from line of sight. Most of the time, the problem will only surface when the car is in motion but that is when you are unable to put your eye and ear where you want it to be. In Harmony Motor, we learnt to be patient when it comes to this type of job. With our vast experience, most problem are solved within a short period of time with high accuracy of diagnose.

We employ the following principles:

  • Only Genuine Parts will be used. OEM parts will only be used upon client’s request
  • Only faulty parts will be put up for client’s approval for replacement
  • We use a scale of 1 to 10 to demonstrate the degree of wear. Coupled with an estimate timeline of deterioration for our client’s better understanding. Clients makes the decision with this clear information
  • All repair and overhaul jobs will come with 6 months or 10,000 km warranty whichever comes first


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