Accident Repair

Be it a minor dent on the door, misaligned bumper or major chassis bending accident, we are able to handle the repair professionally as we are equipped with the most sophisticated body repair equipment – Car-O-Liner Bench Rack, Car-O-Tronic Chassis Measurement Robotic Arm, etc.

We employ the following repair principles:

  • Use as little heat as possible, as heat will deteriorate the metal property
  • Structure must not be stress before and after welding/fitting to each other. No tension within the car structure after repair
  • Proper anchoring of chassis before we pull the structure back into form, so as not to damage the undercarriage unnecessarily
  • Computerised measurement and alignment preferred instead of eye power
  • Follow the instructions of the Surveyor strictly. No short cuts or inferior parts used

Insurance Claims

Understanding and having vast experience in Motor Insurance Claims has helped our clients to recover their losses. We dispense realistic opinions to our clients with computable figures so that our clients can make a good decision out of a bad situation.

We employ the following principles:

  • We will do our best to assist our clients to have a smooth claim process
  • We do not and cannot guarantee full or partial success as each case has its own merit
  • We do provide the service of delaying the collection of the charges from our client until the claim has reached a certain stage or a reasonable period of time as decided by us
  • We are supported by a panel of Law Firms that specialised in Motor Insurance Claims for our clients to consult when needed


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