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Terms & Conditions

  • 4 models of Spark Plugs available: IK20, IKH20, IXUH22i, SC20HR-11
  • Cars not using these models are not included in this campaign
  • Each car is eligible for 1 promotion only
  • 1 promotion campaign on the same type of service for each visit
  • Campaign is not negotiable or exchangeable for other service, items, parts or cash back
  • Spark plugs must be installed and used plugs collected by Harmony Motor.
  • Cars that require more than the 4 spark plugs will be sold at $22/plug
  • All clients must register and schedule the service at our website:$1sp. Walk in client will not be entertained
  • Harmony Motor reserve the rights to cancel or terminate the promotion without any notice
  • General Service Package price remain unchange.


Terms & Conditions

  • One (1) registered customer for each car
  • One (1) customer can only register 1 car
  • All customer must register at our website in order to enjoy this promotion discount. Walk-in customer will not be qualified
  • 30% discount on the Birth month of the registered customer
  • 50% discount on the Birthday of the registered customer
  • If the birthday falls on Sunday or Public Holiday, the next working day will be considered for 50% Discount
  • Only Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter and labour will enjoy this discount
  • Harmony Motor reserve the right to reject, change, cancel and terminate the promotion without any notification

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